There Is Freedom At The Cross

March 25, 2016

“The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge.”

Driving to work this morning, I read this on the marquee of a local church and it made me think about a few things we’ve been talking about in our Men’s Bible Study. (Shameless plug – Men’s Bible Study happens every Saturday morning, rain or shine, at Karl’s Red Rock Café in Hastings, MN at 8:00AM)

We’ve spent the past two weeks studying the part of Christian Doctrine that deals with marriage and divorce. Having been divorced at one time, some of the discussion was around the anger and angst we feel during, or in my case, after a divorce.

I spent a very long time angry about my divorce, years in fact.

That anger was my “grudge” that I carried around with me everywhere. I am reminded of Marley’s ghost in the story “A Christmas Carol” and all of the weights and chains he was doomed to carry around in the afterlife. Those weights were constructed one by one out of the sins he’d committed while alive and now there was no hope.

The interesting thing is this, while we struggle under the weight of our grudge, the person we’re angry with goes merrily on unaffected. In some cases, they’re not even aware of what we’re feeling.

I was explaining to our group that when I finally decided to let go of my grudge, what a freeing experience that was. I no longer had to carry that heavy chain of hate around once I decided to put it down and let it go. It’s the same with all of our sins.

Now, in this season of Lent and in particular today, Good Friday, as Christians we can lay our grudge of sins at the foot of the cross where our Savior takes them upon himself and sets us free!

Unlike Marley, we’re no longer doomed; we’re no longer weighted down with the burden of sin which would drag us down into hell. Instead, Christ clothes us in His righteousness and we stand forgiven in the eyes of God. As He hung there, in His final moments, He declared “It is finished.”

His work of redemption for the sins of the world was accomplished.

There is freedom at the cross.